Our Vision and Values

We are committed to achieving ‘People Potential’

  • We recognise that, in today’s connected and competitive environments, knowledgeable workers are a primary source of potential success…
  • … but they can only deliver that success if they are well chosen, well trained and well led

Momenta is committed to provide support across all three of these dimensions, for our own people and those in our clients’ organisations  

We are committed to delivering business results for our clients

  • We recognise that our clients’ business success is vital for their continued prosperity, so our people potential focus must serve real business outcomes
  • We aim to ensure that both our associates and our clients feel that a placement is the right fit for all involved

Whichever Momenta services our clients choose, we ensure that our people potential activities are always planned and implemented in context with pragmatic business outcomes

We are committed to continuous innovation

  • We recognise that the 21st century enterprise is different from its predecessors, in terms of the way its people must function and interact
  • Against this background, Momenta is keen to explore continuous innovation to enable and empower better people management and customer services performance through new technology