When you’re out of work and on a job search, anxiety can be a constant companion. But don’t let job search depression get the better of you.

If you’ve experienced rejection during your job search, stress mounts quickly.

We’ve come up with five tips that will help – if you apply them to your job hunt – anxiety to ease off.

Think positive

Make a list of the skills you have. This is harder than it looks because there are things you did in your last job that you didn’t realise you were doing.

For example, did you work with people from other departments? That’s inter-departmental liaison. Did set up a special event? That’s project management. Anything that added value to your last role is another skill for a jobhunter’s CV.

A friend in need’s a friend indeed

If it arises during a job search, depression is something you should speak to your pals about. You’ll be able to talk over worries with them you might not feel you can burden your family with.

Remember friends are also a resource. Does one of them work in the industry you want into? Ask them if there are vacancies – and whether they could run an eye over your CV. They’ll be keen to help and even keener to see you happy.

Blow away the cobwebs

If you’re active, you feel healthier and happier. Exercise helps fight depression, so reach for your trainers and – with every step of your jog, rep on the weights machine, or kick of a five-a-side-football – you’ll ease your job search stress.

Even taking the dog for a walk will make you feel better – and the distraction can fire off ideas for your next job application.

Get into a routine

You have a job – it’s job hunting. So treat it like a paid position. Don’t laze about in jammies all day. Get showered, get dressed … and get those applications in. Don’t rush it – do your research, write your application and check it carefully for spelling, grammar and content.

Once you’re done, you can kick back.

Having structure to your days will reduce job search stress and help you sleep better.

Grey matter matters

You’ve got your application in, you’ve done some exercise. You could watch Loose Women – or you could improve yourself. So dig out your laptop and search for free online courses that universities run in subjects that either interest you or will help your career.

You’ve got free time and opportunity. Demonstrating to yourself that you can evolve and change will improve your self-worth and help ease that job search depression. You can do it.