Good leadership rewards colleagues with praise and appreciation for a job well done.

Getting employee engagement going is key for Momenta team leaders and managers as we strive to do our best for our clients.

Workers like to know that their contribution is valued, that what they do is appreciated and respected. When leadership rewards that kind of behaviour, job satisfaction, motivation, employee retention and productivity improve.

Spot opportunities

As a team leader or manager, you should be intimately familiar with your team’s client and customer interactions.

That’s your chance to see who’s putting in outstanding work for the client or who’s going the extra mile to get the best results.

You’ll also uncover unsung heroes – hard workers who pick up the slack, colleagues who keep up morale.

Stay positive

Too often, we concentrate on what we’re doing wrong as we seek to improve, overlooking what we’re doing right.

There will be times when things are tough. Even then, there will be people working their butts off and striving to succeed. Positive reinforcement encourages more of the same.

If your team hits its targets, then it’s appropriate that leadership rewards that. If it smashes targets, go wild.

Learn from the best

Praise shouldn’t just be a pat on the back – it’s a learning opportunity for the rest of the team, a chance to build employee engagement in what we’re trying to achieve.

When a colleague has done something outstanding, point out the value they have added to the business and what steps their colleagues can take to replicate that. Don’t just say well done, say why it’s good.

Don’t delay

If one of your team is doing a great job, don’t delay telling them. Praise at the time is most effective. Make time weekly to recognise the achievements of those deserving praise.

Personal praise

Your colleagues are people, not just workers. So when they achieve something in their personal life, take the time to recognise that.

For example, they could have trained as a first aider, become a parent, won a sporting prize, bought a new house or be getting married. These are the landmarks your team will be talking about. They are social glue, so get involved.

The technical term may be employee engagement but what you’ll show the team is that you care about the people you work with.