We all know productivity in the workplace suffers when summer holiday season comes around.

People’s minds are on some sunny beach even if their bodies aren’t – so to improve workplace efficiency, the reduced teams in the office have to be on their A game.

Here are five simple ways Momenta Associates can boost productivity by keeping colleagues on task…

Huddle up

Lead your team. Get them all together at the start of each shift and get them up to date –  share news, make them aware of any good practice you’ve picked up or stats you have that will shape their attitude for the rest of the day.

Flag up absences and shore up morale. But don’t be the only one to talk – team members are probably spotting problems with processes that could lead to more effective methods. Listen to them and investigate their ideas.

Be flexible

There will be peaks and troughs in workflow throughout the day. Don’t let the downtime work against you. If the phones go quiet, agents can answer emails or use it as an opportunity to keep on top of admin.

And when callers are queuing, demonstrate your flexibility by helping out with incoming calls. Mucking in shows you care.

Take a break

It’s counter-intuitive, but more short breaks elicit better performance from your team than fewer longer breaks.

Getting away from the screen is not just a health and safety requirement, it’s an opportunity to ease stress – and stressed team members reduce productivity in the workplace.

A break also gives your team the chance to rehydrate. That doesn’t just stop them getting hot and bothered, it helps them think more clearly.

Knowledge is power

Let your team know how well they’re doing. Giving them access to real-time stats on call handling and case resolution means they can see how their actions affect outcomes.

Just seeing their own stats can be a motivator – dedicated workers want to perform better and will compete with themselves, never mind their colleagues.

Positive response

Keep your team members on top of their caseload. Getting back to callers in a timely manner speeds up resolutions. The team should set up follow-up reminders for each case.

Make it clear that if they make a promise to a caller, they have to follow through on it. Tying up loose ends improves workplace efficiency dramatically.