The Momenta People System (MPS) is our purpose built platform that enables us to source, process and place our contractors quicker and more effectively. It provides our clients and partners with the ability to record, track and bill projects. It also streamlines contracts, vetting and referencing and makes life easier all round. Plus, it simplifies administration on billing and timesheets.

How does it work?

It’s aiming to be a real time, end to end solution that manages and tracks our contractors from the start of the resourcing process, through the assessment and screening stages, to going on contract, and of course, being paid effectively.

Contractors new to Momenta can register on line, upload their CV’s, input all their relevant personal and professional details all of which can help to speed up the vetting process if they are successful in securing a contract.

When you go on contract

Once you are contracted the time sheet system is activated. This provides you with an electronic timesheet to complete at the end of each week and submitted for approval. The system also reminds people to complete their timesheets at various times throughout the week.

Then, every four weeks the MPS automatically creates an invoice based on the approved timesheets. The system tells you the invoice has been raised and the expected pay date.


It’s good news for existing associates 

The MPS cuts out much of the laborious work that historically used to happen. There’s no more posting CV’s and invoices or ringing up to change an address or phone number. It means you can login and see your details – any aspect of which can be updated by you at any time when not on contract.

It also means we can track availability for roles better and quicker if your information up to date.

It benefits potential associates

For contractors new to Momenta, uploading your CV means that if we are searching the system for potential candidates, and your details match the search criteria, you will appear on the search and will get onto the initial contact list.

It helps our clients

The end-to-end solution allows us to respond quickly and accurately to any requests for information from our clients at any point in the process. 

Continuing to improve

All systems evolve and MPS is no different so we are in a continuous cycle of making it better, more responsive and easier to use. We will keep you posted on further enhancements.

Don’t forget to upgrade your CV

Given how easy it is to login and make changes to your CV on MPS, please make sure we have your updated details. We know the CV characteristics that consistently secure invitations to interview with our clients. This advice has been proven in application after application. Work through your CV and apply them. There are no other steps that you could apply more quickly to deliver a greater improvement on the effectiveness and success rate of your CV. Click here for an earlier article on the subject: The 7 essential CV upgrades

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