The Momenta Interview & PPI Assessment (I&A) is a crucial stage of the resourcing process, designed to ensure that the contractors that we supply have a solid knowledge base on PPI complaint handling and are able to do the job at hand. Let me be clear from the get go - the I&A is not a walk in the park and the candidates that pass are the ones that put the work in beforehand. That said there is nothing in the I&A to trip candidates up or trick them and everyone is briefed on the assessment beforehand.

We are obviously keen for as many candidates as possible to pass the I&A to enable us to place them with one of our big banking or financial services clients, so I thought I would take it upon myself to write this insight into the I&A to bestow some knowledge and outline useful tips on what to expect, so to maximise your overall performance.

As the name suggests the I&A is split into two sections, so I will cover the interview in my first insight and the PPI assessment in my second.

The interview stage is designed to run for approximately 30 mins and will dig into your relevant experience and PPI knowledge.  Below are an number of tips on what to do and not do before, during and after the interview, I hope you find them useful, even if a couple would appear to be common sense.



  • Revise your CV, you need to know it back to front
  • Plan your journey to the assessment centre so you don’t get lost
  • Read the I&A confirmation and bring everything you need to - passports, certificates etc.
  • Dress smartly - suits and ties for men, business dress for women
  • Leave with plenty of time; lateness will be noted

The interview


  • Stay calm, we won’t bite
  • Be polite, shake hands, sit down when you’re invited to
  • Know why you’re there and the role you’re interviewing for
  • Think of the reasons why you want the role and show enthusiasm
  • Answer the questions concisely and don’t waffle
  • Back-up statements with examples
  • Maintain positive body language
  • Be honest
  • Remain professional throughout
  • Listen to the interviewer, they’re there to help you
  • Ask questions
  • Make sure you sell yourself


  • Turn up late
  • Forget your documents
  • Dress like you’re going down the pub
  • Not do your homework
  • Make up your experience, we’ll find you out
  • Get nervous or close up
  • Swear, be rude or make inappropriate jokes
  • Show off
  • Treat the interview like you passed by just turning up


  • Enquire about the next stages of the process
  • Remain polite, shaking hands upon leaving
  • Follow up in a week if you don’t hear anything
  • Prepare for the next stage of the process
  • Get your references ready

I’d say if you do all of the above and have the right experience, you’ll pass the interview stage with flying colours.

Once the interview is completed you will be briefed about the PPI assessment (if you haven’t been already) so listen up, take mental notes and start considering the task ahead.

I hope you’ve found the information above of use. In my next insight I will cover the PPI assessment and impart all the knowledge I have to give you the best chance of gaining an excellent mark.

In the meantime if you’d like to register with us send your CV to or call us on 020 7374 5645.