The background screening process for contract roles with Momenta allows us to make sure you are truly suited to a role with us – a big step towards building trust as you advance in your career in professional services.

Our clients hold and use sensitive information. That means it’s important that each of our candidates has their background checked so we can establish they are trustworthy and up to the job.

The employee background screening process will be going on while you go through your interviews and assessments. It’s nothing to worry about – it’s a protective practice that is becoming increasingly standard.

Why is an employee background screening important? 

It’s needed because we have to be able to trust each other so that our clients can trust Momenta. So we look for embellishments on CVs – accidental or otherwise.

We’ve discovered people who have made up experience or even firms they have “worked” for. Some said they were employed somewhere far longer than they had, while others provided false references. On occasion, candidates gave themselves little promotions.

Those kind of actions undermine our ability to provide our clients with the best person for each job. And understanding what you really can and can’t do allows us to find you the roles you’re most suited to.

We lay our cards on the table so you know what we’ll be checking up on about you during the Associate vetting process.

A member of our vetting team will contact you in person to get the process going, asking simple questions about your background.

There’s a legal requirement for us to establish your identity, right to work and proof of residence. We’ll also do a check on your addresses for the past five years.

Then there’s a criminal record check and one on the fraud database, as well as a media search and credit reference check.

We’ll go over your employer references for the past three years and look into any gaps in employment. We’ll also verify your qualifications.

And how can you help during your vetting process for employment? Just be honest with us.

Make sure your CV is accurate, and, if you think you have skeletons in the closet, explain them to us. The vetting team will let you know whether or not it has to be disclosed.

If you’ve any questions about what we’re doing or asking, don’t be afraid to ask us. Honesty is a two-way street.