When employees are happy at their workplace, they will be at their most productive and do their best for the company.  Keeping the morale high might seem daunting, particularly in a large organisation, but by making some simple changes, a workplace can be transformed from something that employees see as an obligation to an engaging collaborative environment.

Create a pleasant workplace

A workplace should be more than just a group of desks where people perform repetitive tasks. It is somewhere that people will spend much of their time during the week so they require the right space, materials and environment to do their best work.  Position desks where teams can work closely together for ease of communication.  It should be a space that allows staff to be as productive as possible. Make the best use of windows and natural light which helps workers remain more alert. Studies have also proven that plants around the office help employees to be more productive.


According to the Office of National Statistics the top reason for stress in the workplace was frustration Interim Management Meetingwith poor management - in this area, good communication is key. The message delivered by those at the top of a company should filter right through the workforce.  A communicative working environment encourages creativity where new ideas should be welcomed no matter who suggests them. Communication is a two way street and getting to know members of your team will help you discover where strengths and weaknesses lie, and you may even uncover some hidden talents allowing you to deploy the right people for the right project.

Give plenty of feedback

If employees don’t feel valued in the workplace then they are less likely to be invested in their work.  Some will feel as though they only receive feedback when their superior has something negative to say.  While a good standard of work should be expected as the absolute minimum, everyone benefits from being told they are doing a good job. Something as simple as saying thank you can make a big difference. The worst thing is leaving employees in the dark unsure if they are doing a good job or not. You may think that if an employee is not being chastised then they assume all is well, but no feedback can plant seeds of doubt. Even negative feedback is useful if presented in a constructive manner.

Reward Success

Employees thrive on opportunities, and the potential for promotion can be an added incentive for employees, as well as a great way to develop talent and keep it in the company. If a member of the workforce feels taken for granted or as though their career is stagnating, it can affect performance or result in them looking elsewhere for opportunities. In addition, small gestures such as ‘Employee of the Month’ awards can help people feel valued for doing good work. 

Encourage risk taking

The best working environments create a safe space where employees can be creative and take risks. 75% of those surveyed in the Workplace Employment Relations Study stated the most satisfying aspect of their job was the scope for using their initiative. There’s no such thing as a bad idea, and through collaboration these can be shaped into winning strategies. By allowing team members to take ownership of a particular idea, they become far more invested in the project allowing them to put every effort to both enhance their personal reputation and deliver the best results for the company.

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