For a business to move forward, sometimes it is necessary to implement some a fundamental changes to bring it into line with a particular vision. That can present a great challenge to many within the company as it may require a major upheaval and retraining of staff, as well as creating new procedures and processes. While it’s unlikely that such a major project will proceed without meeting some complications along the way, a comprehensive change management strategy can help make the transition run smoothly.

Know your objectives

The outset of any major change strategy will involve creativity with a seemingly endless number of possibilities for the business. During these brainstorming sessions, a number of ideas will emerge – some will shape the future of the company, while others will be discarded. At this time, it’s vital to settle on what you want your business to be and ensure you are moving in the right direction. This should be set in stone before moving towards the implementation stage. While it may be tempting to bring in new ideas and change your vision during the process, this will only lead to confusion for those working for the company and a lack of focus in completing the change. A piecemeal approach will prove to be inefficient and those at the head of an organisation should arrive at a consensus of objectives.

Create a detailed plan

Having an idea is one thing, but the practical execution is an entirely different process. All key milestones must be set out within a workable timescale and any resources that are required must be identified. This plan should be a roadmap for the future success of the company and this can only be achieved if everyone involved is pushing in the same direction in order to bring about the appropriate change. The three major areas of change that will need to be identified will involve the structure of the company, the personnel involved, and any technical innovations that may be required.

Bring in the specialists

While you might know exactly where you want to take your company, there are experts who have long term experience in implementing change strategies throughout the world. Their knowledge will help put the right structures in place and make the transition as smooth as possible. Momenta have more than 20 years’ experience in improving organisations throughout a number of sectors. Through our Performance Academy, we have been able to transform workforces and help them to adapt to new work processes
Communicate with employees
No change initiative can succeed without the co-operation of your most important asset – your people. It is of the utmost imperative that they are kept in the loop at all times regarding any major changes that will impact them and the company as a whole. Some may feel that the changes will make them surplus to requirements and it should be communicated to them what their role will be within the new era of the company and how they fit into the overall picture.

Make bold changes

If your business is implementing a major change strategy, then it is vital that you are able to prioritise the main changes to the business. A bold and decisive action will send a message throughout the whole company and beyond that change is coming and it everyone will need to prepare. This first move will be a mission statement which should inspire the whole company and create a strong foundation for embracing change moving forward.
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