Tell us about the work you do at Momenta?

I’m now on my fourth role with Momenta. Initially I started in 2010 investigating fraudulent transactions for a multi-national oil and gas company. When, after three years, that project ended, I took a role as a QC consultant in the Compliance Team, where I quality checked all new starters compliance files before they commenced work on a project. I then progressed into a senior finance assistant role which involved bank reconciliation, checking all payments before they were processed and processing client remittances. 

Since July I have been the project support team leader, which is a new role, with a new team. Our team supports a number of functions across the business. Key tasks include the administration associated with all contractors currently on project which includes contract extensions, amendments and processing leavers. We help the resource team with CV formatting and welcome calls, as well as processing all reference requests. We also carry out care calls to Momenta associates deployed on projects, to ensure there are no issues and provide help with any queries they have. It’s all been interesting and challenging work

What are the pros and cons of contracting, do you think?

With contracting you have the flexibility to move roles, change projects, work for different clients…you’re not tied to one company and there can be great variety in the type of work you do. But there is some risk attached to that as you are not in permanent employment. However, Momenta is good at keeping people moving onto new contracts; when a role is coming an end we try to find something new, so we are helping to minimise that risk.

What do you like about working in Momenta?

I like the satisfaction of placing candidates, and knowing I’ve helped both my client and an associate. Another high point of the job is the satisfaction of everything running smoothly and the contractors starting on time with all the documentation in place. It can be very busy in the run up – often towards the end of the week, when a contract is due to start on the Monday. Another thing that makes it fun for me every day is the office banter. It’s a friendly, family atmosphere here at Momenta. Everyone is very close in work and out of work; we can all have a laugh with each other.

What makes a successful Momenta associate?

Do the training, hit the targets, and ask lots of questions as you go along. Really concentrate, and speak up if there is anything you’re not sure about because if you let us know then we can try to do something about it.

What was your dream job as a child?

I wanted to be an air hostess or work in an airport, and I studied tourism at university. Before T5 opened at Heathrow I applied for a BA role: I went for the assessment and the interview and I got the job. But for various family reasons it wasn’t the right time to take it up – and I never have moved into that field.

Now that I have three kids I don’t think I would be able to manage it. But it would have been great…

What is your perfect Saturday?

That’s the day that I have all three children at home with me at the same time. We have two-year-old twins and a six-year-old boy. My husband works on a Saturday, but it’s actually quite nice that it’s just the kids and me, as I don’t get that time with them in the week.

I enjoy cooking, so that’s what I normally do a Sunday. Everyone gets to eat what they want that day and I end up cooking lots of different meals. But I’m happy - I guess it’s just what I do!