LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking site. It’s the ‘go to’ place for finding details on virtually any professional and the place you and your employability skills should be showcased. Our article examines how weak ties can build new connections and a wider network.

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It is important because firstly LinkedIn enables you to be found and to build your credibility. LinkedIn is far more than a ‘get-a-job’ site.

For anyone working with Momenta and looking for their next contract, LinkedIn is a fantastic place to display your skills, credentials and experience, as well as to connect with and network with others.

It’s true these days that “If you’re not LinkedIn, you’re left out.”

Secondly, LinkedIn effectively enables you to control what Google says about you! Have you noticed how Google loves LinkedIn profiles?

For most people, if you search for their name on Google, their LinkedIn profile will be the top search result.

And because you can control what you say about yourself on LinkedIn, you are able to control what searchers will find about you at the top of the Google results for your name.

Your Weak Ties and why you need professional networking

Stanford Professor, Mark Granovetter is famous for his theory of ‘The Strength of Weak Ties’.

In a nutshell, he explains that among the people we know, we have Strong Ties and Weak Ties. Our Strong Ties are those closest to us, our immediate friends and family, close colleagues and team members.

They tend to spend a lot of time with us, like what we like, think similarly to the way we think and, as a result, bring little new into our lives and minds. What Granovetter observed was the power of cultivating your relationships with your Weak Ties – those people from the wider reaches of your network: e.g. that colleague from your previous contract, your friends from university, the folks you met at a training event last year, etc.

These people know, like and trust you, but move in different circles. What Granovetter found was that it is these people, your so-called ‘Weak Ties’ who tend to be the source of the majority of your new ideas, new connections, new roles and new opportunities. And luckily for you, LinkedIn is the perfect, easy way to keep in touch with them.

Test this for yourself. Take a look at the content your Weak Ties are sharing on your LinkedIn newsfeed. Chances are you’ll find new ideas, inspiration, updates, new knowledge and tips… You may even find links to Momenta contract roles and our tips on how to win your next contract.


Take action with these ideas today. Which of your Weak Ties are you not connected with? Who should you be connecting with from previous contracts, training events and your wider network? Bringing these connections into your network and serving them with useful updates and content shares will keep you top-of-mind among your peers when your skills are in demand.

In our next article on LinkedIn we’ll be sharing 4 simple strategies to improve your profile.

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