It’s no secret that the job market and hiring decisions go quiet around the festive holiday period. While everyone’s winding down and cheering up, it seems there’s little appetite for making big hiring decisions.

So, unless you’re towards the end of a selection process that you’ve been working through for some weeks already, it’s unlikely you’re going to be landing your next contract this side of the New Year fireworks. 

So what can you be doing between now and New Year to make sure you have the role and rewards you want in 2017?

Here are 3 tips to get ahead and help you turn the seasonal slow-down into a period of effective preparation:  

Tip 1: Turn up the heat on your research: 

While everyone else is taking it easy, a few extra hours of conscientious research will help you start your new year’s applications in top gear. If you’ve been with Momenta for a while you’ll know the application approach. But if your new to us or looking for a different contract in 2017, be sure to visit our website and read through our application process. You’ll find you don’t just have to impress Momenta but the company we place you with too. The steps are all laid out here on our website. 

You can also use the time to make sure all your documents are up to date for example your  passport, your Right to Work certificate or university degree; they need to be all in one place so you can easily upload them when asked.

Tip 2: Spruce up your CV:

While digital is important, CVs are still the key tool for applications. You may feel confident writing your own. But consider having your CV professionally written. You may be the kind of person who fixes their broken washing machine or leaky tap, but often you can save time and get a superior job by turning to a professional. If you decide to go it alone, take a read through your CV with these questions in mind.

  • Do you have a headline that explains what you do in just 6-8 words? (If you have the right experience, try titling your CV with the title of the role you’re applying to).
  • Have you highlighted the specific skills or expertise you bring?
  • Have you included your contact details?
  • Have you shown relevant experience and what results you delivered?
  • Have you made clear the tasks you can do that will be relevant for your next contract?
  • Have you kept it down to just 2 pages? (No one wants to read more than that)
  • Have you included relevant details and results? (Numbers and facts count for a lot in CVs)
  • Have you edited out elements of your career history which are less relevant? (No need to explain in full things which aren’t relevant. Remember less is more).
  • Of course, it should go without saying, but sticking to the truth and the facts will save you and us time. We have to go through rigorous checks with every applicant so don’t be tempted to add experience you don’t have. Every detail gets checked.

Apply those changes to your current CV and you can transform your first impression.  

Tip 3: Light up your LinkedIn profile: 

There’s no getting away from it, when an employer hears about you, the first thing they’ll do these days is Google you. LinkedIn is a neat way of making sure your online first impression is the one you want to make. Simple ideas to improve your profile in less time than it’ll take to roast your turkey include:

  • Check your profile photo is helping not hindering your search with the help of This is a brilliant tool that lets you know what others think of your profile picture. We recommend you test your best 3 or 4 potential pictures. If you vote on others to earn credits you can get all the functionality for free. Fair warning… It’s a bit addictive!
  • Make sure your professional headline is more than your job title. You have 120 characters here to wow and impress the reader. Don’t stop before you share the best detail you have to offer.
  • Fill out the summary section with your areas of expertise. Make sure you list the ways you will be able to make the biggest difference on your next contract. Back them with impressive evidence and mini case studies or examples.
  • Add ‘rich media’ – pictures / graphics / videos to evidence your achievements and most relevant experience.
  • Don’t miss the chance to optimise your profile for keywords by adding keywords into your “Interests” section.
  • Make sure your profile is as complete as possible. Most candidates don’t realise that LinkedIn displays fully filled out profiles more frequently and higher up the search results. 

So there you have it. 3 tips to put your holiday season to good use so you can get your 2017 contract search off to a flying start with us:  Effective research, CV upgrades and LinkedIn finessing. But don’t forget to have some rest and relaxation with friends and family too. We’ll be here for you and your sparking application in January!

If you are interested in knowing more about a career with Momenta click here.