Working in contract roles open up career progression opportunities in a way that you’ve maybe never considered.

As a Momenta Associate, you’d be exposed to new ways of working and experiences that would broaden your knowledge professionally and personally – becoming an associate is a great way to help your career progression plan take shape.

Each contract we undertake begins with fully understanding the way our clients work. Momenta Associates, as the managers and specialists on our project teams, need the flexibility to adapt and the leadership qualities to get a team humming like a top.

Much of our business is in the financial services industry. But that covers clients as diverse as retail banks and building societies, investment banks, IFA networks and pension providers.

We also have clients in legal, learning and development, IT and project management – offering a breadth of opportunities for a varied career.

And with projects lasting anything from a few months to several years, our people become adept at working in a variety of environments and with distinct processes.

Our Momenta Associates are employed within some of the world’s largest and best financial firms – picking up skills that serve them well in the next stage of their career progression.


Career Progression


As for career progression opportunities, getting into contracting provides the variety of experience that allows our team to discover the roles they like or suit them best, while giving them a grounding in a wide range of transferable skills.

What you learn handling calls and resolving cases makes you a better team leader, and the management skills you pick up in charge of a team will serve you well further up the ladder,

Some associate roles suit graduates on the first rung of their career progression plan, while others are only open to candidates with appropriate professional qualifications that go beyond degree level.

Of course, we understand that some candidates might have fears about job security when working in a contracted position. But think about the opportunities that a shorter-term position opens up for a varied career.

And our contractors always know the anticipated end date of a project, allowing them – with Momenta’s help – to plan ahead for their next move and build their skills in areas that open up career progression opportunities.

It also gives them the opportunity to take a break and perhaps work on gaining a professional qualification that will help in future.

Taking those first steps into contracting can be daunting, but the sheer variety of experience that it offers means it could form the centre of your career progression plan.