Searching for a job when you are already in full time employment is never easy.  Sneaking onto job sites during your lunch break is a risky business and after being in the office all day the last thing you want to do is go home, spend more time staring at a computer screen and still have to think about work by searching for jobs, filling out applications and updating your CV. 

Fortunately in our day and age this process is much easier and we can use what otherwise can be considered as ‘wasted time’ to do that all important job hunting – during our morning commute!  Thanks to the development of smart phone technology, and improved wi-fi access on the Underground, we have more opportunities than ever to search for jobs.  A new study by TheLadders has reported a growth in the use of mobile devices to search and apply for jobs – up to 20% more jobs each week compared to desktop users.  In particular, 34% of mobile users are more likely to do this during 6am and 10am, proving that the morning commute is not only a great time to think about your next career steps but also to actively starting looking.

So next time there are delays on your train or rather than checking social media sites and playing those addictive games on your smart phone, use your mornings efficiently and get searching!