Interim management is hugely useful in helping to cover periods during a recruitment process when you may be short staffed, or to fill in when an employee has taken a leave of absence. However, interim managers can also be utilised in order to make your business more agile in the long term and enhance the knowledge of your team. The flexibility of adding skills, as and when you require them, can help you keep the skills and knowledge of your staff fresh and provide an edge over your competitors.

Diversify your offering

No business ever wants to admit to its limitations and may take on unmanageable projects in order to expand its horizons. While taking on challenging work is exciting, there may be a lack of skilled resource in place. In these cases, a company will need to bring in specialists. It might appear to be natural to appoint someone on a full time basis but that may not be the best use of resources for the company. Instead, an interim manager could come in for the duration of the project and help you to provide a better service to your client whilst saving on a permanent salary for an individual that may not be required for a long period of time. It also means that the core staff members are not distracted by new demands and can focus on their day to day responsibilities.

Generate new business

It could be the case that you do not chase certain clients or bid for particular projects because you feel that your competitors are able to offer more services than your company has at its present capacity. Using interim managers means that you can broaden your skillset and diversify your offering as a business, allowing you to compete at every level.

Passing on skills

Interim managers are hired based on their deep knowledge and flexible skills. By integrating them into your team for the duration of their tenure, they will be able to pass on some of their knowledge and make your team more versatile. This sharing of experience will help create a more skilled workforce and add benefit to the company in the long term.

Cope with busy periods

It is desirable for any business to be busy but there will be times when employees can feel the strain of an increased workload. Bringing in an interim manager can provide a number of benefits. Due to their experience, they will be able to start right away and add extra resource to the team. They will also be able to provide new ideas and solutions to any problems, thus making operations more efficient.

Cost effective resourcing

In uncertain financial times, many businesses have been forced to cut their operating costs and reduce the size of their permanent staff. This efficiency can help a business to focus on its key offerings but inevitably, through loss of resource there will be a loss of skills. However these can be replaced with the appointment of interim managers.  Although their basic fee might seem steep, they are incredibly cost effective. As they are not part of normal company structures, they don’t require a company car, a golden handshake or even to become part of a pension scheme. They have to fund their own holidays meaning that the company only pays for the days actually worked. Above all, you have an individual with wide ranging experience and a strong track record in delivering results.

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