Sales are what business is all about; just like goals in football, sales are what make your business the best. When it comes to sales, football is the perfect analogy. At the core you have your sales division. This is your team and it is made up of your top players, your goal getters and high performers. On the side-lines is you, the sales manager and it is your responsibility to lead your sales team to victory; to direct and motivate them to deliver their best performance and score those all important goals! 

Sales Management - Becoming The Alex Ferguson Of Sales

This post explores sales management and explains how you could, one day, become the Alex Ferguson of sales!

Build the best team possible

As a sales manager you need to make sure that you build the best team possible. One reason for Alex Ferguson’s success was that he understood the needed to have the best team at his disposal. When building a sales team you need to select the best people for the job, those you can lead and develop and who will follow and deliver.

Become a leader

Too many sales managers view their role as the management of a process, rather than the leading of a team. To become a great sales manager you need to become a great leader so that you can utilise the strengths of your team members. This means getting to know your team and their individual strengths. This will then allow you to position each team member so that, as a team, they perform to their full potential.

Train hard as a team

During Alex Fergusons reign at Manchester United, he imposed a strict training and coaching regime. This strict regime helped United develop and grow stronger as a team and ensured that they brought home the results set for them by Ferguson. In sales you must also dedicate time in training and development. Regular training days, meetings and presentations will help strengthen your team’s ability and performance.

Inspire and motivate

A team needs inspiration and motivation. Alex Ferguson has become infamous for his dressing room “pep talks”. As brutal as they may sound to an outsider, the goal of these half time talks were to inspire and motivate his players so that they reached deep inside themselves and pulled out their best performances; even when the win felt unreachable. As a sales manager you too need to be able to inspire and motivate your team.

Always strive for improvement

Finally you should always strive for improvement. The best teams don’t become relaxed or complacent; they continue to strive and improve in order to remain the best. This was an area that Alex Ferguson excelled in, because he never stopped analysing and reviewing his team and his own strengths and weaknesses. The same applies to sales, always record your performance, taking note of successes and weaknesses so that you can work to identify ways of improving.