Hiring an interim manager is an excellent way to guide a company through a period of transition, or cover for unexpected change in the short-term, and is something which has been used increasingly across many sectors in recent years. 

Interim managers have a track record of achieving results during short term assignments, and have a great deal of experience leading teams across different sectors and workplace environments. This can mean they can often bring a fresh perspective to the role, using their position outside company politics to drive progress. These qualities make an interim manager an ideal option to cover the staffing shortage which can be caused by maternity cover.

Managing the unexpected

The skills of an interim manager are geared towards dealing with unexpected changes in the workplace, and one of the most common examples of this is a key member of staff going off on maternity leave.
This change can prove difficult for many organisations, and bringing in someone experienced to steer the ship during this time can be invaluable. An experienced interim manager can do this far more effectively than an existing staff member or a standard temp who is unlikely to have the same level of experience working under pressure on a short-term basis.

Scope for a detailed handover

One benefit of appointing an interim manager to cover maternity leave is that there should be sufficient time to plan for the transition from employee to interim. This means the employee going on maternity leave can prepare and deliver a suitable handover, ensuring the interim manager has all of the information they need to effectively move forward with pre-existing and planned work.

A successful interim manager will always seek to build on existing work rather than making significant changes where possible. They will also strive to maintain a positive relationship with the person whose position they are filling, who will likely be returning after maternity leave, so that they can then provide an effective return handover after the interim assignment has been completed.

Everyone can learn from an experienced interim manager

An experienced interim manager brings with them a wealth of experience which can help not only stabilise a company during a period of transition or difficulty, but can actually provide a renewed sense of direction. As an outsider they can bring fresh prospective to projects, which can often help to clarify where things may be going wrong or where improvements can be made.

The presence of an experienced interim manager can impart new skills and approaches to the rest of your team. Their fresh perspective can help to re-invigorate employees, and the knock-on benefits of introducing a qualified interim manager can be seen in various different areas relating to team efficiency, productivity and much more.
Interim managers relish the challenge

It is a common misconception that interim managers will be unable to make a real impact during their relatively short time in any given role. The opposite is actually often the case, as interim managers tend to relish the challenge of driving improvement during a short period of time. They have the flexibility to achieve this by either maintaining the company status quo, or by affecting change where they feel it is required. Their wide range of management skills, acquired over many years, allow them to implement these approaches in different circumstances to generate quick and quantifiable results for any assignment. These interim managers are driven, motivated and experienced – the ideal skillset to ensure efficiency during maternity cover.

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