Every day in business, you do your best to keep the company running smoothly, ensure that your processes are efficient, and that staff are well trained and happy in their job. Everything you do is geared towards increasing productivity to ensure that the organisation remains successful. No matter what you do, and no matter how well you know your business, you could still be missing some way to work more efficiently. Being part of the foundations of a company can be hugely beneficial but it also means that you can lose your perspective. Bringing an outsider into the business can bring new knowledge and a critical eye, allowing you to see problems that you didn't even know were there.

Outsiders ask the right questions

Any outsider will ask questions about the way things work because they weren’t there at the inception. Just because things have always been done in a particular way, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way or even the right way. The origins of those processes might actually be down to the habits of an individual which have then simply been passed onto others. Asking the question, at the very least, makes people think about what they are doing. Every business has its own culture and just as with travel, experiencing new cultures can be enriching and bring unexpected and exciting developments.

Unconventional thinking

Spending a long time in the same workplace can mean that you get into a comfort zone and stop thinking outside the box. In these situations, it’s difficult to see how there could be any other way of working. An outside perspective, perhaps brought by an interim manager, can help change course and bring in fresh and innovative ideas. It’s important to always challenge the way you work, not just for the sake of being disruptive but to ensure that the best possible processes are being followed.

Swift implementation

It can be easy to lose perspective when attempting to implement any form of change within your own business. Small problems can be magnified and stand in the way of making real progress. There comes a time when managers have to accept that they don’t have all the answers and realise that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help from experts. It is not a weakness for a leader to admit that they do not know something; the real weakness is wilful ignorance. Someone coming in from outside with the key skills to make the changes required will allow the project to be implemented quickly and demonstrate a more effective way to do things.  

Benefit from knowledge

When you bring in an interim manager, you are bringing in an expert with years of knowledge. These specialists will provide an education to the existing staff members, showing them a range of diverse possibilities and sharing knowledge and skills which will benefit the company moving forward. Learning from an individual working on the job provides benefits that go far beyond anything that can be learned from reading a book or attending a seminar.  There is no substitute for experience and by exposing employees to the best people, they will aspire to become better at what they do.

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