Every business must look to future or risk being left behind. Following the digital revolution, the pace of change is faster than ever before. From the tools we use to conduct business, to the methods of communication there have been so many innovations that it can be difficult for any business to stay ahead of the curve. Future proofing your business is not necessarily about creating new developments Linkedin 15X15 but rather ensuring that your staff and infrastructure are prepared for every eventuality to help you remain at the forefront of your field.

Avoid Complacency

Experience is a valuable commodity, but the old ways of working are not always the best . Every manager must stay at the forefront of business innovation, constantly learning about the field. Just because a particular process works does not mean it cannot be improved upon. Complacency at a management level filters right through a company leading to mediocre delivery and a lack of creative thinking.  Even the best employees can stop seeing new ways of looking at a problem, so bringing in new talent can offer a new perspective and help challenge existing employees to continue their improvement.

Create a culture of learning      

If you’ve hired the right people, they will be constantly educating themselves in order to stay up to date with industry developments. However, the onus is not just on the individual to educate themselves but also on the company to help create a culture of learning. Staff should be encouraged to share interesting industry-specific articles with other team members and, more importantly, pass on their specialist skills to other members of the team. Make sure employees attend relevant seminars and conferences to find out about industry advancements, make new contacts and gain fresh ideas. Company-wide training should also be organised to aid team building and make sure every staff member is armed with the knowledge to deliver the latest strategies.

Be aware of industry trends

Business trends can often move in cycles. Experience can help identify “the next big thing” before it happens. Observe what has happened in the past and track how it has developed to the present day and think what the future impacts will be on a company. Many large corporations failed to anticipate the impact online shopping would have on their business resulting in a huge loss of market share, or in the worst cases, liquidation of the company. Being aware of shifting trends and adapting your business model accordingly can keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Analyse your competitors

It always pays to observe the actions of your closest business rivals. This does not mean that you should blindly copy their actions and offering but if they make a change it is important to question why in order to determine if they are meeting an industry need that you are not. A complete shift in industry focus can come from a single seed of innovation, so it pays to be aware of every competitor offering to ensure that your company can offer something even better to clients.

It is not possible to predict the future, but by investing wisely in people, and remaining aware of trends in your industry, you can help your company prepare for almost any prospective change.

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