If you’re aiming to climb the career ladder, you’ve got to be prepared for some hard work.

Getting on that next rung of the corporate ladder will take effort and commitment – it’s about what you know, not who you know.

So be prepared to buckle down and put in the hours on the job – and yourself – that will get you noticed in the right ways.

Here are some of our tips for Momenta associates seeking advancement …

Go above and beyond

It’s your job to do your job well. The people who really attract the management’s eyes are the people who excel.

Do you go that extra mile to ensure your client isn’t just satisfied, but delighted? Do you think about how you can improve customer service? Do you show initiative and demonstrate you don’t have to be managed to achieve success?

Those qualities appeal.

Get qualified

You get nowhere by standing still – whether you’re running a race or scaling the corporate ladder.

Show your commitment by signing up for courses and getting qualified. It’s all about continual professional development – showing your skills are up to date or, better still, ahead of the curve.

That needn’t mean extra expense. Many universities run free online modules that you can use to upskill. Putting your own time into your career also demonstrates commitment.

Polish that CV

Any promotion will involve a ruthless interrogation of your CV. A great CV will help you climb the career ladder.

You’ll want it to look slick, too. So use a clear professional font and format it consistently.

It’s got to be sharp, accurate and to the point, with everything you’ve done explained clearly. Keep it to two pages – it won’t look daunting and will show you can think and present economically.

As with any CV, make sure every word of it is true. Lies will be found out.

Make yourself heard

You know you want a promotion. But do your managers know you want a promotion?

Talk to them. Explain that you’re committed to the company, want to stay with it and that you’d like to progress as your skills develop. Ask if there’s any help or advice they can give you.

Good managers want motivated staff. They know that your career and professional progress will help them achieve their targets. Build that trust and build your career.