While the roles vary widely for interim managers – from putting out corporate fires to simply keeping a chair warm when someone is on leave – every business will look for added value when making an appointment.  CVs and references will be studied in detail to ensure that candidates can bring skills not already available within the company. As well as simply helping out with the task at hand, interims possess a range of attributes which can help to add value to a company.  

Knowledge transfer

Through their vast experience and the people with whom they have worked, interim managers bring extensive knowledge to any organisation. Though many staff may resent an outsider coming into the firm to tell them how to do their job, working closely and helping to upskill each member of a team individually can create a rapport.  Demonstrating new and better ways of working benefits all involved with the project and creates a long term impact from a short term project.

Future proofed knowledge

While working in a single job, it can be easy to become removed from the industry as a whole, and instead focus on the present. Interims spend time adding to their knowledge and keep up with industry trends and changes in regulations to ensure they always remain on top of things when out on assignment to provide the business with exactly the information they need when taking the next step.


As interim managers exist outside of the corporate structure, they never pander to any of the corporate politics. Instead, they will be able to look at the company with total objectivity and will make the recommendations and difficult decisions required in order to move the business in the right direction. While those who have been employed at a company for a prolonged period have a personal bias, an interim manager only has the good of the business in mind.


Being flexible is in the very nature of an interim manager. That’s what allows them to begin an assignment and start making decisions that will make a noticeable difference within 24 hours. They also have a variety of skills which mean that they can take on any assignment offered to them. This flexibility will help them cope whilst on assignment

Demonstrating initiative

Interims are brought into a company because they are highly competent and do not need any special treatment or training to begin the job. It is still important that they show initiative and do not just blindly follow what they have been told when they are appointed. Often interims are placed to solve a specific problem, but as an outsider, they are able to evaluate and analyse from a completely new perspective. They won’t just paper over the cracks and accept everything that those around tell them, but will look for root causes in order to ensure problems do not recur.

Continually looking for improvements

An interim manager will be appointed for specific reasons but those who are great at their job will take a look at the bigger picture and identify other areas where they might help. This doesn’t mean that the interim will become an all-encompassing trouble shooter for the company but they may be able to fill in with some additional skills which may be lacking in order to get the job done more efficiently.

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