Interim managers often provide a great service to their clients, implementing deep changes within the company over a short period of time. Their talent and ability often impresses those at the highest level, which can lead to an invitation to join the company on a permanent basis. While undoubtedly this is flattering, it’s not something that an interim manager is likely to accept , and goes against the philosophy of an interim position.

Change is their speciality

Implementing huge and demanding changes involving restructure of personnel, processes and technology might seem daunting to even the most experienced of managers but it’s something that interests interims. Entering a new company, discovering any problems, creating a plan and then implementing the change is what holds the appeal for an interim manager.

Through decades of industry experience, followed by multiple interim assignments, these specialists can implement the most efficient processes in order to help changes go through as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Day to day is not the same

While some executives might think that the interim manager would want to stay on and enjoy the fruits of their labour, this may not be the case. The majority of interim managers are not interested in climbing the career ladder or getting involved in the nitty-gritty of every day management. When they sign up to the job, they do so in the belief that they are the best person to implement the change. While they would be more than capable of running a department or even a business, this would not be playing to their strengths.

Clients require education

Although it is made clear at the beginning of any interim management assignment that the position will be temporary, some clients believe they can persuade the interim to take on a full time position upon completion. This is obviously a compliment to the great work done by the interim manager and it’s easy to understand why executives would want such versatile and talented individual.

They may be under the impression that interims can be lured away from their nomadic lifestyles. Perhaps this is because, in the past, outside consultants have often made recommendations before being employed full time in order to implement their plan. The industry needs to take steps in order to educate clients and help them to fully understand the scope of interim management assignments and appreciate that it is not an extended job interview but rather a speciality in itself.

Specialists are always in demand

While from the outside, moving from assignment to assignment without the comforts of stability or a pension plan may look like an unappealing prospect, it’s the unique challenges that allow interim managers to thrive. It may seem like an uncertain existence, never knowing where the next assignment is coming from but the best interim managers will never be short of offers.

While the economy has improved and worries of an impending recession have eased; the difficult times have helped businesses learn the value of streamlining. Therefore interims, with their versatile skills, will always be in demand in the short term. As change is now the only constant, interim mangers are here to stay.

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