You want skilled, committed and effective teams to run and grow your business. And that means making sure you nurture the right support for maternity cover.

Making maternity cover run smoothly: six ways interim support can help.

1. Flexibility

Whichever sector or market you’re in, you’re going to need to cover periods of maternity leave at some point.  An interim contract can be for an initial fixed period then extended, as circumstances require, giving you flexibility

2. Results driven

Interim managers are proven to get great results during short-term assignments; they are focused and committed to achieving specific goals and targets – which makes them excellent value.

3. Focused

Contractors are rarely influenced by office politics, so often bring a fresh perspective to a role, while being focused on the pressures and demands specific role or task in hand. They are not out to ‘prove a point’ – just there to do the job in hand well.

4. Managing the unexpected

Experienced interims are particularly adept at dealing with unexpected changes in the workplace, and are therefore well suited to coping with any potential unsettlement arising from a permanent team member embarking on maternity leave.

5. Effective handover

One benefit of appointing an interim manager to cover maternity leave is that there can be time built in to make a smooth transition from employee to contractor. Existing and predicted work can be planned for and briefed efficiently. And when the employee comes back, the interim will ensure an equally smooth return handover

6. Positive relationships

The best interims build on existing work rather than go about making significant changes. They will strive to maintain a positive relationship with the person whose role they are filling. And the wealth of experience that interims can often bring means the team is not only stabilised but often also energised.

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