If you’re wondering why customer satisfaction is low and the regulators are on your back, you’ll soon realise why quality assurance is important.

The people filling quality assurance jobs in a business are responsible for ensuring the product or service is of a standard that customers come back for more.

That means keeping customers satisfied and regulators happy while satisfying the leadership team’s demands to deliver on budget.

The role of those in quality assurance jobs is to oversee the standards of the product or service being delivered to the public.

Quality assurance jobs 

We have quality assurance jobs available at the moment on our team working with Big 4 financial services that provide a perfect example of what is expected of someone in the role and why quality assurance is important.

A quality assurance team monitor the telephony team’s interactions with members of the public who call in for help and advice about their retirement options.

The team ensure that the correct procedures are followed, with the focus being on treating the customer fairly so they achieve the correct outcome.

The quality assurance team also give friendly, constructive feedback and advice on ways of improving the service and processes based on the trends they observe.

Importance of quality assurance 

Quality assurance provides more than a guarantee of good service. It looks at ways to improve the offering to customers, always considering the role of regulators and the law in shaping the service being delivered.

It takes people with strong decision-making, information handling and analytical abilities, as well as great verbal and written communication skills.

Quality assurance is the logical step up from a case handling or file reviewer role. They would need to be experts in complaints and remediation, as their job is to check the work of case or complaint handlers to make sure the processes and outcomes are correct, providing constructive feedback along the way.

Putting these skills together allows a business to keep its workers informed of the best ways of working to deliver the optimal outcomes for the company and its clients.

By having clearly outlined ideals, colleagues are able to judge their performance and take pride in a job well done. And the management can have confidence that they are meeting the standards that they and the law require.