Gig working in interim management is nothing new. We have been helping organisations particularly in Professional Services, Banking and Financial Services work with our interim professionals on temporary contracts for years now, and as short-term deliverers of a service, our interims are truly best placed to be part of the gig economy.

Our managers are becoming increasingly sought-after as companies look externally for experienced leaders or project teams who have specialised skill-sets and proven track records to resolve issues or drive change.

Our experience is that during times like these - of economic flux- interims are always much in demand and managers are often wanted to provide support during periods of change.

With Brexit underpinning the UK’s future and American politics generating uncertainty across the world, change is likely to continue; these factors create good conditions for the gig economy – and interim managers – to flourish.

With more contract work comes more opportunity so working with us - the market leader - has become a good career choice if you are seeking more control of your work life and looking for more flexibility. With working lives undergoing endless peaks, troughs and reinventions many want to be best placed to ride the vagaries and opportunities of the jobs market place.

Work is changing.

The traditional way was to have one job, often stay at the same company for your entire career, labour hard and then retire.

No longer. Now it is becoming increasingly popular to be self-employed. Many forecasters predict that people who work for themselves are going to become a powerful economic force and the rise of the gig economy will prove to be a powerful social trend.

There’s certainly something empowering about being your own boss and with the right mind-set, you can achieve a better work-life balance.  

Using technology to directly interact with the gig economy.

Technology is clearly a huge part of the changing workplace. We want to use it as intelligently and helpfully as possible. We have invested in and developed a new, proprietary software platform - The Momenta People System – is an online platform that directly connects us with our associates and customers. It enables us to source, process and place you more effectively and provides clients and partners the ability to record track and bill projects. It automates contracts, vetting and referencing. It simplifies administration on billing and timesheets.

Better connected 

It makes you better connected to us. In small and big ways: for example it automatically generates invoices for you and stores them in one place for reviewing. (No more posting off invoices.) It lets you complete your timesheet in it including holidays. You can easily update your qualifications and experience on it and it’s a good place for exchanging data and information. As you’d expect, the system is easy to access from your mobile, tablet or computer.

A flexible future

In essence, it will make life easier for everyone. It makes us better connected to our customers so we can respond quickly and comprehensively when required. For instance it means we can have access to you at short notice and that helps get you matched to, and into your next contract, quicker.

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