Letter from Australia: Emma Britten and Lee Unwin

Momenta Australia has now been open for a year - we take a few minutes to chat to two team members and ask them for their perspectives on life in Sydney.

Contracting as a business - What you Need to Know

If you’re thinking of setting up a contractor, how you decide to manage your finances is vitally important. Everyone is different, but here are four things to consider as you start arranging your business affairs. We asked Dolan Accountancy, dedicated contractor accountants, to advise on how best to approach the subject. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Work

10 easy-to-follow tips for using Social Media effectively to support your career progress and project work with Momenta.

How to be Prepared if Needed Quickly for an Interview

“…and the interview is tomorrow morning”... If you looking for a role and get asked to attend an interview at short notice, you can outshine the competition with a little thinking ahead and some speedy preparation.

Crawley – the South East’s best kept secret...

We have been placing many roles in Crawley this year. Because it’s a place not many people know much about, we are frequently asked what it’s like. So we've decided to sing the praises of this beautiful market town.