5 ways to boost workplace productivity this summer

We all know productivity in the workplace suffers when summer holiday season comes around. People’s minds are on some sunny beach even if their bodies aren’t – so to improve workplace efficiency, the reduced teams in the office have to be on their A game. Here are five simple ways Momenta Associates can boost productivity by keeping colleagues on task

7 tips for the night before the assessment

So, you’re preparing for an assessment day at Momenta. Well, remember there’s more to interview preparation than knowing your stuff.

We want to meet the best version of you – so follow our seven interview preparation tips to make sure you are entirely ready to meet us.

5 tips for dealing with job-hunting pressure and stress

When you’re out of work and on a job search, anxiety can be a constant companion. But don’t let job search depression get the better of you.

If you’ve experienced rejection during your job search, stress mounts quickly.

We’ve come up with five tips that will help – if you apply them to your job hunt – anxiety to ease off.

Power of successful remediation project management

With situations such as PPI claims, institutions can find themselves swamped with complaints while they are still trying to get a handle on what exactly went wrong and what they have to do.

That’s where experience in the problem and the particular business sector are essential. At Momenta Group, we have both in abundance.

Infographic resume: A good or bad idea in professional services?

You’ll have seen them online – infographic resume examples that make your CV’s two sheets of plain white A4 look drab.

But is an infographic CV really what you need to stand out in the crowd if you are after a professional services job? Are infographic resumes effective in this sector?