How to conduct the perfect interview with Momenta

Corin Woolnough is Resource Manager at Momenta; he leads the team who interviews prospective contractors. We asked him about what he looks for in candidates.

4 steps to creating effective emotional connections at work

Over the last two decades psychologists RocheMartin has become one of the most trusted names in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and leadership.  Advising some of the world’s leading corporates, they work with people to develop their emotional talent to build performance and leadership. 

Financial futures: Alan Ramsay

The financial sector is one of the most varied and vibrant in which to work - and never more so than now. Alan Ramsay gives his view on how technology, innovation and a renewed focus on customers are all shaping change.



What are the facts about the IR35 changes?

On 20th March this year, the final HMRC legislation regarding the reform of "off-payroll" working rules in the Public Sector was introduced. For contractors operating in that sector this brought about changes to the application of HMRC's rules relating to what is commonly referred to as IR35. 

4 simple strategies to improve your LinkedIn profile

This article is the second of two in which we’re explaining how you can make the most of LinkedIn. Watch the accompanying video for further explanation. Many people already have a presence on LinkedIn, but we consistently find that applying a few simple tips can make your existing profile work far harder for you. So here we share 4 proven strategies you can put to work for you today.