Climbing the ladder

Routes to take after graduation

If you’re a new graduate, opportunities abound. Work? Travel? Volunteer? The world’s your oyster. Maybe you deserve a break – degrees are hard work. But once it’s time to live the rest of your life, that piece of paper opens all sorts of doors...

What effect can social media have on job prospects?

Social media fails are all very funny when they’re happening to someone else. But when you’re a fresh graduate looking for your first job, you’ve got to make sure your accounts are not failing you.

Benefits of a robust employee vetting process

The background screening process for contract roles with Momenta allows us to make sure you are truly suited to a role with us – a big step towards building trust as you advance in your career in professional services.

How to succeed as a first-time team leader

The skills of a team leader don’t evolve by themselves – they need work. And the first-time team leader has a point to prove about getting the most out of their team and delivering for clients. We’ve got some tips to make that first management process less daunting.


Looking for career progression in professional services?

Working in contract roles open up career progression opportunities in a way that you’ve maybe never considered. As a Momenta Associate, you’d be exposed to new ways of working and experiences that would broaden your knowledge professionally and personally.