Climbing the ladder

5 CV Mistakes to Avoid

It’s true that there is no such thing as a perfect CV, but there are proven ways you can better standout to be considered for your next role. 

How to make sure your background screening goes smoothly

Ben Mabelson is Compliance Manager at Momenta and leads the team who carries out the screening for prospective contractors. Here he gives some insight to their process and offers some tips to how to achieve an easy, fast, vetting experience.

How to conduct the perfect interview with Momenta

Corin Woolnough is Resource Manager at Momenta; he leads the team who interviews prospective contractors. We asked him about what he looks for in candidates.

4 simple strategies to improve your LinkedIn profile

This article is the second of two in which we’re explaining how you can make the most of LinkedIn. Watch the accompanying video for further explanation. Many people already have a presence on LinkedIn, but we consistently find that applying a few simple tips can make your existing profile work far harder for you. So here we share 4 proven strategies you can put to work for you today.

How to make LinkedIn work hard for you

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking site. It’s the ‘go to’ place for finding details on virtually any professional and the place you and your employability skills should be showcased. Our article examines how weak ties can build new connections and a wider network.