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5 Things contractors should consider for 2018

Christmas is a distant memory and the you've got the first few weeks of 2018 behind you. As the new year begins to take shape, we teamed up with our partners CMME to take a look at what 2018 could bring for contractors and the self-employed.

Here comes the New Year! What will you do differently in 2018?

5 ways to get motivated and go for your goals in 2018

Helpful hints on working alongside a younger team leader

When you're the older member of the team, how do you put aside the age difference when working for someone who is not only much younger but may have a lot less experience? We talked to our resource team for some tips for older workers on how to foster a successful working relationship with a younger manager.

My career change to contracting: Mike Arnall

Momenta contractor, Mike Arnall, tells the Insights Team how his career developed - once he’d accepted that professional football was not going to be the career for him, after all….

Hello from the other side: Sonal Patel

We take a few minutes to talk with Sonal Patel, who's a Project Support Team Leader at Momenta, about working at Momenta and the pros and cons of being a contractor.