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Top Tips for Making Relocating a Success

Saying yes to a contract far from home is a decision many contractors will have considered.  We speak to a contractor who is making ‘away from home’ contracting work for him, and we offer some top tips for avoiding pitfalls.  

Just A Minute: 60 Seconds on Being a Momenta Legal Contractor

Hazel Chiejina is one of a new breed of Momenta associates, tackling often complex law projects. She gives us a whistle-stop insight into being a contractor in the legal sector. 

Legal highs: why the market for interim lawyers is soaring

Lawyers are in demand: we look at why, and find out how Momenta is boosting its presence in this booming sector. 

Financial futures: Alan Ramsay

The financial sector is one of the most varied and vibrant in which to work - and never more so than now. Alan Ramsay gives his view on how technology, innovation and a renewed focus on customers are all shaping change.



Hello from the other side: Kate Atkins

Kate Atkins is a resource team leader at Momenta, helping clients find the perfect candidates for their projects. We ask her about the highs and lows of her role, how contracting is changing, and find out how she relaxes at the weekend.