Office life

10 Work Clichés You Need To Avoid

Office life can be surreal at the best of times. Jargon is inevitably part of the workplace and understanding how to use it well is a definite skill. We advise to speak (and write) in plain English, not in jargon and you’ll be more effective and more respected at work.

The time is right: how to use your hours wisely

Get time management right and you could become much more efficient and productive. And who doesn’t want to feel they are doing the best job they can?   Your colleagues and bosses benefit too as you will have more time to concentrate on the task in hand.

Meetings - not another one!

Meetings are often the bane of our professional lives as quite simply - we always seem to be in them. So is there a way, if we have to run them, to make sure they are more productive or at least have a purpose?

The Trouble with E-mails

Despite the many benefits, e-mails come with many pitfalls. Are they really a better way of connecting within the workplace or are they just a method to avoid real communication with people?

The Importance of Continuous Learning in the Workplace

In business today, the only constant is change. There are countless innovations, technological developments and shifting goalposts, which make it seem as though just maintaining the status quo can be a challenge.