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Momenta relaunches the Associate Liability Insurance Scheme - with highly competitive rates.

In conjunction with Arthur J. Gallagher and Hiscox, we have relaunched our Associate Liability Insurance Scheme to provide associates with professional indemnity, public and employers liability insurance.

What are the facts about the IR35 changes?

On 20th March this year, the final HMRC legislation regarding the reform of "off-payroll" working rules in the Public Sector was introduced. For contractors operating in that sector this brought about changes to the application of HMRC's rules relating to what is commonly referred to as IR35. 

9 reasons why contact centre work is better than you think

Aspiring to working in a contact centre? Well, now people are. It used to be a role that people did when they couldn’t find anything else, or they were between roles or studying. No longer. Here are 9 reasons why it’s great work and to be taken seriously.

Why the gig economy is good for you

There is much talk about the ‘gig economy’ – a work situation where temporary positions or projects are common and companies contract with independent interim managers for short-term contracts

The career benefits of interim management

The interim industry has been growing steadily for a number of years, a trend that looks set to continue. The concept of interim management is becoming more widely embraced as an effective option for both managers seeking a career change and for organisations trying to work more efficiently.