Long term experience in Healthcare

Throughout the last decade, Momenta has worked for several clients in the Healthcare Sector, including pharmaceutical companies and providers of healthcare products, both in the UK and internationally. Our specialist training methods have been vital in assisting these companies with their learning and development needs and our results mean we have established a number of long term partner clients.

A global client base

Momenta have worked with clients in the UK, US as well as Pan-European organisations. Our excellent communication skills and adaptability ensure that we are able to work throughout the world and adapt to a range of workplace cultures and environments.

Change management specialists

Momenta have helped major healthcare organisations communicate change initiatives in offices in different countries. We have worked with managers, helping them with the tools and techniques to deliver the change through their people. Culture, communication skills and understanding motivators are a fundamental part of the delivery content.

Improving sales performance

We have helped a major client based in the UK and USA deliver stronger sales performance through a better understanding of their own client base. Our work centred on using psychometrics as a starting base in order to establish a greater understanding of the capabilities and qualities of the people in the sales force. Following this process we worked with the managers to create a plan to develop their skills to enable the coaching of performance as well as providing suitable feedback. 

Refining presentation skills

We offer support to help businesses refine and develop presentation skills together and increase self-awareness. Through a better understanding of the power of presentations and the various techniques available, the sales force can become more effective communicators.

Our case studies section demonstrates our capabilities across our range of services and clients. If you would like discuss any specific requirements for your organisation, visit our contact us page.