Momenta have a decade of experience working with a diversified, global engineering brand across multiple projects, including through Momenta Performance Academy. This client initially engaged Momenta to create and deliver a support initiative for their sales staff to ease the transition to a new sales process and to create a sales skills programme designed to enhance performance.

They were so pleased with the work delivered, that we have gone on to collaborate with this company on multiple other projects since then to create an excellent working relationship. This included working with Sales Managers to improve their skills in coaching and mentoring – a programme which proved so successful it was developed and expanded over several years to cover multiple skillsets including negotiation tactics and account management. Our current project with this client, a series of events focusing on industry regulations, will be delivered across the world. Since beginning work with this client in 2005, we have delivered programmes to more than 2000 employees in 20 countries.

Motor Sector                                    

Since 2008 we have been providing services to multiple high profile companies within the motoring industry. Our first contract in this area was induction training and a customer services programme for the UK customer services division of a premium global manufacturer.  This programme was delivered to a number of senior staff from the company’s UK offices.

Our team of development and learning professionals were tasked with creating a sophisticated programme with a defined learning journey which drew on a number of different delivery methods including role play materials and workbooks.  This was delivered via face to face training days and on-the-job training with feedback after our specialists listened to thousands of customer calls to evaluate performance.

The same organisation also engaged Momenta, following a competitive tender process, for an ongoing long term Leadership initiative designed to educate and improve the skillsets of executive and senior members of staff. This initiative was designed to improve management culture within the organisation, and promote the concept of ‘authentic leadership’ by evaluating how individuals’ work impacts on the team, their stakeholders and customers.

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