Public Sector

In recent years Momenta have established a strong position as a provider of interim management solutions in the public sector. We have developed a strong relationship with government bodies, which have utilised our services on multiple occasions. We have placed interim managers in a number of senior government positions, including one role where the candidate was responsible for overseeing multi-million pound budgets.

What we offer

We provide high quality interim management candidates who have the experience to guide your organisation through a period of transition or bridge any gaps in staffing brought on by unexpected challenges.

The major value of an interim manager is their ability to get started immediately thanks to their wealth of experience. Being able to utilise this experience and tackle the problems head on with minimal briefing can be particularly crucial in the public sector where resources may be limited.

Our Pedigree

Where Momenta have secured suitable candidates for high profile interim management positions, we have also had excellent feedback from our clients who have often chosen to extend the contracts of these interim employees. In one instance we placed a candidate in a 6 months contract and the hiring manager was so pleased with the work delivered and the quality of the candidate, that the contract was extended for a further 12 months.

In addition to this, Momenta were appointed to be one of the key suppliers of interim management solutions to the Contingent Labour ONE, Lot 1 Framework within the Crown Commercial Service.

We have worked on a number of other projects, filling high profile public sector and government roles including Head of Procurement, Contract Managers, Programme and Project Managers and Executive Assistants, Chief Technology Officer, and Complex Transactions Consultants.

Find out more

For more information on our skills and experience across a range of different sectors, please visit our case studies page. To discuss the specific requirements of your organisation and how our services could benefit you, please visit our contact us page or give us a call on 020 7374 5610.