Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Momenta can provide your company with the greatest resource available to any business – the right people. With our customer services management, we can provide any business with specialist skills, at the moment they are required.

Every business is built on its people performing to the best of their abilities. In the digital age, new technologies and software mean that the way operations are delivered has changed, but it’s still the human touch that helps keep customers happy and the human mind that develops inspirational ideas.

The Momenta database is one of the greatest sources of business knowledge anywhere. This pool of talented contract professionals is available to you throughout the UK and Ireland, providing you with access to specialist skills just when you need them. We have more than 20 years’ experience providing contractors to a range of industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals and the industrial sector.

Our selection process is recognised through ISO 9001 accreditation meaning every contract professional we provide matches the most rigorous standard and has a proven track record in their field. As our database is extensive as well as high in quality, you can rely on a fast and flexible response.

Complaint Handling

Customer facing staff must be adept with all modern forms of communications, and trained to meet regulatory obligations, in order to properly deal with any customer dissatisfaction. Momenta have provided guidance to a number of organisations and offer a broad range of services from bespoke challenges to volume based complaints.

Sales Process Support                               

Momenta keep up to date with the latest regulations and compliance in order to ensure that we can provide outstanding sales support whether you are a new business or have an established position within the industry.  We ensure sales procedures are fit for purpose through every stage, from design to deployment.

Operational Support

Momenta offer flexible and responsive support to businesses in order to enhance the capabilities of any business. We can make your business more adaptable by providing access to thought leaders at short notice, allowing you to quickly deploy resources in order to respond to any unforeseen circumstances. 

Contact us today to find out more about our Customer Services offerings on 020 7374 5610 or email