Executive Headhunting

The traditional approach of the headhunter

When an executive position has to be filled within an organisation, a specialist executive search agency will be approached and advised on the requirements of the role, before they identify prospective targets.

Executive headhunters search the world of business to find an ideal candidate from a similar organisation within the industry. They’ll use all their contacts in an attempt to find the ideal candidate. It can be a lengthy, not to mention costly process, as they narrow down the field, make an approach, and then wait for the right answer. 

The risks of traditional headhunting

There are no guaranteed results from a prolonged headhunting process. Even with a vast amount of work, a candidate might refuse a job due to the risk of changing position, a poor negotiation strategy, or they may even receive a counter offer from another company. A failure at the final stage could mean the entire process must begin again. Even if the right person is found, an executive at this level typically has a three month notice period, creating further delays. The scope of the traditional headhunting process is narrow, limiting the prospective candidates to those already within a similar position within the industry. There is a far more flexible alternative.

The Momenta alternative to headhunting

Momenta have spent years building relationships with highly qualified interim professionals. We have a network of specialists who are ready to start work immediately. Our interim managers have experience working at the highest level across a range of industries. Their transferable skills allow them to think strategically and deliver the best results for any business.

Momenta have a proven track record of delivering interim recruitment in a range of sectors including finance, the public sector, manufacturing, IT and telecoms, and business services.  We can provide even the largest organisation with the right skills at the right time.

Momenta’s interim recruitment strategy has been tried and tested on a number of leading organisations, filling the gap in the skillset and allowing a company to progress.  This process discounts many experienced candidates who are not employed on a permanent basis. Interim headhunting could provide a quick and simple and cost-effective solution for a number of organisations.

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