The Advantages of Using an Interim Manager

The high-end interim executives and independent consultants sourced through Momenta Interim Management are available to deliver a range of significant advantages for your business.

Long term value

With decades of experience working at the top level across a range of industries, interim managers can offer many benefits to any company. Whether you are a market leading pharmaceutical company, a top investment bank or a public service provider, Momenta can offer a variety of interims with the right skills and qualifications to bring added value and expert insights to your company.

Return on investment

While some may be reluctant to invest in a short term appointment, interim managers have proven that they can offer great value and long term solutions for a company. Their specialist skills allow them to make a strategic plan in order to meet key objectives without wasting valuable time or resources. Our interim managers have regularly exceeded the expectations of clients, ensuring knowledge and skills are shared amongst the team and setting the company up for a more profitable future.


Through the use of interim managers, your business can become a more agile organisation. Whether you require an interim manager to add a specific skillset at board level, someone to turn around a troubled department or just a specialist to add experience to your staff, Momenta can provide the right candidate to meet a range of needs.

Fast response

With any appointment it’s important that you find the right candidate. With our huge network of resources, we can supply a range of interim mangers to help you deal with every eventuality. With years of experience within the industry, interim managers are highly adaptable and are able to hit the ground running. Momenta can arrange for you to interview a range of candidates to begin work with you within 24 hours from the first point of contact.  

Meet unexpected demands and bridge gaps

Every business can face periods of uncertainty and unexpected demands. That’s when real experience can come to the fore and working with those who have experienced similar challenges can provide insight to help navigate a company through any difficult period. Whether you are dealing with a merger or acquisition period, transformative management, a recruitment drive, parental leave or a sudden departure, we have the experience to make these transitions go smoothly. 

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