We’ll be honest, your first application for a contract role through Momenta does involve a little time and effort. However, it makes sure that you, our client and the role are all a good fit for each other. 

We find it helps to take some time to understand what we need to finalise your application and why we need it.

Whether you’re applying for an Operations Manager, a KYC Analyst or starting out as a Data Gathering Administrator, the process is identical.  

The ‘Work With Momenta’ section of our website is a guide through what’s involved in applying for a role. It outlines what takes place before we can recommend you to our client.

Every week our Resourcing and Vetting teams help hundreds of people, like you, through their applications. Who better to ask about how it all works than consultants working on those teams?

First Contact

OK, you’ve seen a role and sent us your application; your first point of contact will always be a member of our Resourcing Team. That could be someone like Komal, a Resource Consultant:

Hi, I’m Komal. I’m one of the Resource Consultants who’ll contact you if you’ve applied for a role, or if we’ve found you through a recruitment site. That first call is a no-pressure chat – we want to see how we can help you get into a role that will suit you and make you happy. We’ll talk through your CV, chat about the project and answer any questions you have.

If you’re still interested, we’ll explain more about the process and get the ball rolling. The person who calls you will carry on as your main contact through the entire process, keeping in touch and guiding you through each step.

As both our Resource and Vetting teams will be reviewing your CV, we recommend that you check it’s up to date and accurate before sending it over to us. Our blog article on easy ways to upgrade your CV should help you out.


After your chat with Komal, you decide that this role sounds like something you’re interested in. Great! While we process your application, we start doing some background checks.

The work our clients do is sensitive, so we need to validate some of your details. This would be done by a Compliance Analysts like Sherelle:

Hello! My name’s Sherelle and I’m one of the Compliance Analysts who takes care of the background screening while the rest of the application process carries on. Your Resource Consultant (someone like Komal) will give us your details so that we can call you and run through your CV in more detail, verifying the information you’ve given. We’ll also check references and collect the rest of the documents we need.

Compliance Analysts want to help you get through the process as easily as possible. Communication is really important for the vetting process to go smoothly, so we’ll be in touch regularly by phone and email, and you’ll have one of us as your single-point-of-contact for the vetting side of things.


Now that we’re over the first few hurdles, the next task is a face to face meeting at our office in London. Or if you’re further out, an electronic meeting via Skype. Meet Indianna, one of our Resource Team Leaders, she can tell you a bit more about what to expect.

Hi, I’m Indianna and I do lots of the face-to-face interviews. It’s a formal interview, but don’t stress, we’re friendly! It’s competency-based, so we’ll ask about your experience, your previous positions and your transferrable skills. Be confident in your knowledge and in your abilities, do some research on the role, on Momenta and on the client’s industry, and stay calm.

If you’re looking for ideas to help you ace that face to face, take a look at our blog about competency interviews.

The day you’re in for the face to face meeting may also include an assessment. Don’t panic, this isn’t an exam! It’s just a short scenario-based assessment. If you’re still nervous about it, here’s 7 tips for the night before the assessment to help you prepare.