'The business landscape is changing, and I think there has never been a more exciting time to be a Momenta associate.'

I feel as passionate about Momenta today as I did when I started the business, 25 years ago.  It’s always been about personal attention and relationships but the business environment today is, perhaps inevitably, a very different one.

Historically, interim resource work was ‘stop and go’. It was less organised, reactive and not integrated into management planning in the way that it is today. Against a background of regulation, globalisation and historic records review, there is greater need for contracting work than ever to fulfil this demand.  For many organisations it has become a key feature of their strategic business planning at boardroom level.

Be better placed

Having seen Momenta grow in recent decades, I know how much our reputation is due to the quality of our associates, clients and staff.

With more contract work comes more opportunity and I think working with Momenta has become a good career choice if you are seeking more control of your own career and looking for more flexibility and improved work/life balance.

The way we work has changed. Jobs are no longer for life. People talk about the ‘gig economy’ where you can choose where, when and for how long you work.  This is exactly what Momenta offers.

Working with us as an associate gives you more choice. You can shape your own lifestyle. The more experience you gain, the more choice there is.

We have found that our associates like working with Momenta because we have access to interesting projects with well-known clients. ‘Brand Momenta’ has credibility. It is certainly harder, as an individual, to gain the kind of blue chip client experience we can offer through our deep, long standing, partner relationships. 

To do well as a Momenta associate

To be successful you have to treat contracting as you would your own business. It makes a huge difference if you keep your qualifications up-to-date, stay informed about the latest developments in your sector, including new opportunities and technologies. And don’t forget to make time for networking.

Consider each contract you are offered as you would a business decision. For example a certain project may pay less but if it’s closer to home your lifestyle may benefit. 

Personal qualities count too. The level of professionalism expected has increased, and that includes interpersonal skills.

The best associates work well as part of a team, respectfully absorb a client’s culture fast and fit in quickly. They do the job right on time, are committed, willing and flexible.

In return these are the people who gain most - often achieving more flexibility and being offered the greatest choice of projects.

Understand the bigger picture

It is always helpful if, as a contractor, you appreciate how your work fits in with the overall client business picture. Your work is always vital and will be helping to solve the bigger client issue.

Momenta at its best

People often ask me to give an example of what has made Momenta successful.  It comes down to good people and strong social relationships.

But it’s how we respond in a crisis that really shows us at our best. Last month our team made an extraordinary effort to help a client who had experienced a sudden, rare, change to working practises.

Rising to the challenge to complete the project in time, our team worked out of hours, including weekends until the job had been successfully completed - to the immense appreciation of the client. 

The future

We live in fast-moving times and business has to continually adapt. Momenta will continue to add value and improve competitive advantage by investing in new technology to make our business more accurate, efficient and responsive. We are also developing new markets for example in legal resourcing, utility services, healthcare, airlines and internationally in Australia.

We look forward to working with you and building an exciting future together.

If you are interested in knowing more about a career with Momenta click here.