Momenta UK is based in the iconic Tower 42 in near Liverpool Street in London. Every year T42 hosts the Shelter ‘Vertical Rush’ – a fundraising event that challenges people to run the 932 steps from the 1st floor to 42nd floor of T42.

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness by providing advice, support and legal services.

This year team of 11 Momenta staff are taking on the challenge! As well as individual fundraising, the whole of the UK Momenta team has been organising events to help fundraise for the cause. As of 12th March, our team has raised almost £1000 against our target, which is fantastic progress.

As we’re in the building, that gives our team has the unfair advantage of being able to train doing the actual challenge! Some of the team have even been doing it several times a week... We asked a few of the team how their training is going (or not going!).

Kate Crosby, Resource and Delivery Manager

“I am feeling pretty good about the challenge, I have bought new runners and am sticking to my 6 days a week at the gym (including an hour Body Step class which should help me not to stumble on the steps). The only challenge between me and Vertical Rush is the big social weekend I have between now and then!”

Emma Rudgeley, Executive Assistant

“The reality of the challenge is definitely looming over me, but I am hoping that encouragement from the Momenta team on the day will get my legs pumping! Wish me luck! Yikes!”

Rachel Buckley, Resource Team Leader

“I am currently training for a half marathon 10 days later so I am running with a running group twice a week after work (covering about 8 miles). I am running at the weekend and I made 9.5 miles last weekend. I am also climbing the stair master twice a week at the gym and I got to 70 floors in 15 minutes.  I am looking forward to the event as it is nothing like I have done before, especially as we are doing it for such a good cause.”

Sherelle Tomlinson, Marketing Executive

“Although I haven’t done as much training as I’d like, there are 3 things I am hoping will get me through the climb - climbing for Shelter which is such a great cause, the adrenaline (which I’m hoping kicks in from level 2 at least), and the views of London once I make it up there. I will do my best to make it to the top!! 😊”

Good luck to our team! You can find our Just Giving page here.