The internet has undoubtedly revolutionised the way individuals seek out fresh employment and the method by which organisations fill vacancies.

Long gone are the days when notice boards would be scoured at the job centre, or openings would only be advertised in newspapers.

Now, it’s almost all done online – and the ubiquity of social media has presented further means by which vacancies can be advertised and filled, and by which fresh employment connections can be made. The terms ‘social media’ and ‘job search’ definitely go together.

Social media has also held up a mirror to candidates, allowing employers to increasingly research the people that they’re considering employing and further assess their suitability beyond the usual CV, covering letter and interview.

There are some clear do’s and don’ts when applying through Facebook, and these six social media tips for job seekers may come in handy:

Vet your own Facebook

It’s important to vet your own Facebook page for anything that could be counted against you. Taken further, you could ensure that your profile is only accessible to those within your social circle. However, if you keep it open to public access then be aware that employers will be considering not just what you look like and what activities you take part in, but how you communicate. Poor grammar, offensive language, or evidence of a negative outlook may be a turn-off for employers

While most organisations will expect you to let your hair down occasionally, too many posts related to drunken behaviour may tip the balance against you, while evidence of extremist beliefs, drug-taking, or other illegal activities will likely immediately remove you from any list of potential candidates. After all, if a company employs you, then your activities and beliefs could reflect badly on its reputation

Follow companies that you want to work for

Following companies that you want to work for could open doors. This allows you to receive useful updates on their recruitment, while also allowing you to be visible to them

Show your passion

Likewise, sharing articles that show your passion for a particular industry or company’s activities could tell an organisation that you’re exactly the kind of clued-up candidate that they’re looking for

Build your personal brand 

Facebook can allow you to build your own personal brand, providing a showcase of the best elements of you. While most people look to do this on a social level, not everyone does it with prospective employers in mind. Start to think about your Facebook profile in this way and it could pay dividends

Keep you profile up-to-date

If you’re using Facebook to job search then keeping your information as up-to-date as possible is highly recommended, including your education, key words related to the kind of job you’re seeking, and current positions or relevant job experience

And when in doubt about anything, use your Facebook privacy settings. If you do choose to keep your page public, make sure you do not post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with a potential employer viewing.

We at Momenta have utilised Facebook to offer a dedicated page that advertises vacancies. Just search ‘@momentajobs’ on Facebook or in Messenger to easily locate it. Job searching couldn’t be simpler for social media users.

Our advice? Make social media your friend when it comes to job seeking, not the mistake that you could have easily avoided.