Large corporations don’t often enjoy a good public reputation, whether it’s perceptions over a lack of personality or being too big to care for the needs of individual staff members. However, working for them can be advantageous, particularly for entry-level workers.

Among the greatest advantages of working for a large company is the availability of in-depth training initiatives.

Significant training and mentoring resources

Large companies are able to devote significant training and mentoring resources to new employees. By comparison, the majority of smaller companies simply don’t have those resources, either encouraging staff to learn as they go or asking them to shadow those already doing the job.

It’s important to consider the advantages of that training and mentorship from large corporations – it will give you the tools for immediate success, while also laying the foundations for enduring career success, potentially both with that corporation and beyond.

More opportunities for advancement

It may be obvious but the scale of larger corporations means that more positions are available, and therefore, there are more opportunities for advancement. At smaller companies, you may find your career ambitions inhibited by a limited number of roles.

Better pay and perks

Generally speaking, larger corporations are also in a more commanding position to attract the best talent thanks to being able to offer better pay and perks than their smaller counterparts. This, in turn, means that those working for them are likely to enjoy greater financial security, including a better retirement. Smaller companies, by comparison, tend to offer less pay and less rewarding benefits.

Learn from the best

Working with the best in the business – the kind of talent that big companies tend to attract – will mean that you’re also learning from the best, with all the benefits that will have for your career. Working at a big corporation may help to fast track your route to the top.

Wide network of potential contacts

Further benefits of working for a big company include the opportunity of opening up a wide network of potential contacts for the rest of your career. The old adage, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ still rings true and working in a large corporation environment could mean that you end up knowing lots of future high fliers who may keep coming back for your skills at various points.

Choosing the type and size of company that you would like to work for is a big decision. Prioritising what’s important for you in a job and in an employer will help you to make the right choice.

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