Litigation paralegal jobs with Momenta provide not only a valuable service to clients but a real opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills.

Of course, successful candidates must have at least a 2:1 in Law – or an equivalent qualification – to be considered for the role. But even they may be asking: “What does a litigation paralegal do for Momenta’s clients?”

Well, it’s all about using the ability and legal understanding honed through all those hours of study and hard work to the advantage of our clients, who largely operate in the financial services sector.

When claims come in, it is the litigation paralegals who are on the front line – handling the day-to-day business of processing each case.

We’re in the process of recruiting for our December intake so now’s a great time to go over the roles and responsibilities of Momenta colleagues working in litigation paralegal jobs.

Along with your paralegal colleagues, you’ll play a key supporting role for senior staff as they reach settlements in cases.

What are the duties of a paralegal?

You’ll take care of research, write documents and respond to requests for information – making sure the information you supply is up-to-date and accurate.

Duties extend to typing and filing the correspondence to ensure there’s a clear chain for each case, and keeping diaries and deadlines up to date, as well as delivering to those deadlines.

You will review and report on claims, and draft legal documents – keeping them correct, consistent and to clear quality standards using first-class written English.

And you’ll monitor the development of cases by maintaining contact with all the interested parties, as well as keeping the client in the loop about developments.

Using claims management systems, you’ll process cases towards completion, under the guidance of senior staff.

Skills and expertise

But what does the ideal candidate need in terms of skills and experience to land one of our litigation paralegal jobs?

You will need that Law degree, or equivalent, and ideally have six months of litigation experience, hopefully within a claims handling environment.

Then there are the organisational skills – being able to keep meticulous records for multiple claims and steering each towards their deadlines.

And getting all this done requires an eye for detail, great time management and superb interpersonal skills.

So what does a litigation paralegal do if they want to work with Momenta? Simply check out our vacancies page to see what opportunities there are available.