This major high street banking group needed a team of experienced compliance analysts at short notice to assist on a retrospective Anti-Money Laundering (AML) review.


We searched the Momenta database of quality assured financial services specialists and identified people with required background, skills and experience. We also drew from the market, using our expertise at finding, screening, assessing and placing suitable candidates. The Momenta candidate selection process is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
These candidates then are added to our database, enabling us to draw on their expertise for future projects. Working to a tight deadline, the analysts were on-site in less than three weeks.


Once the retrospective AML review exercise was completed, the Momenta team was retained and redeployed internally to form the core of the group’s Tactical Screening Unit (TSU). The unit comprised up to 120 Momenta analysts, team leaders and a manager.

The TSU provided AML/ KYC support wherever it was required across the Bank, as well as a broad range of business and project Integration activities, including:

  • Case processing capabilities
  • Process improvement /cost saving
  • Tactical solutions
  • Other capabilities

The Momenta TSU team comprises experienced compliance analysts with a flexible approach to ensure consistent delivery. In total, Momenta’s team delivered over 100,000 days of compliance related business and project support.