To maintain the pace of change, this UK high street bank identified a need to supplement internal training capabilities in support of the design and delivery functions across its business. They required an external training partner who was able to provide skilled specialist financial services training professionals. The challenge for the chosen partner was finding the right resources at the right time, with the flexibility to scale up or down as required.


Momenta was engaged to supply this client with quality assured training professionals in 2002, and we’ve been doing so ever since. Our database provides a rich pool of skilled and knowledgeable trainers from which we can select those with the most suitable experience for each assignment.

  • Resource requests are processed through our ISO 9001 accredited search, selection and deployment process.
  • Our resource team worked closely with the client’s internal team, often in advance of an assignment being confirmed, to establish requirements
  • We collaborated with the third party company providing the managed service approach to learning. This maintained an unbroken service in support of the client’s training assignments.


Momenta’s training professionals worked alongside the bank’s staff to deliver learning support and preparation up-skilling, ensuring on-time implementation of internal and outward facing programmes. These included influencing and enhancing the customer experience and delivering clearer, more relevant internal communications.